Homeland TV series - Cameo role for conference chair Graph

27 November 2015veroxybd.com

In the fifth season of the prizewinning TV series “Homeland”, CIA agent Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes) takes up the fight against terrorism again – this time in Berlin. And Wilkhahn’s Graph conference chair has a small, but important cameo role. It’s used as a sophisticated executive chair. In stylish black leather,
Graph is the ideal seat for Mathison’s new workspace and the high-power atmosphere where major decisions on world politics are taken. This is a home run for <a href="http://www .wilkhahn.com/en/products/conference-and-visitor-chairs-seating/graph/” target=”_blank”>conference chair Graph which has already been in front of the camera several times already.

Agent Carrie Mathison has given up her job at the CIA and is now working as security chief for a wealthy foundation.
But this doesn’t mean any less action because she gets caught in the political crossfire.
As in previous seasons, current affairs are also reflected in the latest episodes, such as the disclosures by Edward Snowden or the attack on
Charlie Hebdo in Paris. All 12 episodes were filmed in Berlin. The sets of the offices where Mathison works were built in the Babelsberger studios.

It’s not the first time in front of the camera for the conference chair Graph. In 2014 the conference chair was in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and this year in the action film “Hitman: Agent 47” which was about an assassin. German TV company ZDF also had a Confair folding table and Graph chairs in its series “Der Staatsanwalt”.
With its sculptural, dynamic shape, the conference chair designed by Jehs+Laub is ideal for an environment not short on action.