Working from Home in Style..

INDOVICKERSNewsWorking from Home in Style..

In today’s digital age, our hyper-connected lives make it easy to work from virtually anywhere. The idea of “working from home” sounds dreamy, but you have to make sure you have a proper work environment if you are to get any actual work done. From the right office supplies to thoughtful ways to personalize and optimize your space.

Don’t compromise on quality – make sure that you’re getting the right home office furniture and equipment to meet your needs. Stylish solutions for a productive home working environment can be found in creative details such as custom-built shelves, a comfortable chair or potted plants.

We’ve gathered some tip for home office ideas to help inspire yours :

Plan the Space – Choose a room in your home that can accommodate every aspect of your business, allowing all tech, supplies, and equipment to be close at hand.

Smart Storage & Organization – Storage is an important consideration, especially in small, shared, or production spaces. Build up – make use of the vertical with tall modular shelving

Healthy Spaces – Your space mirrors what’s happening inside of you, research suggests : that poor working conditions can contribute to poor health

Inject Motivation – Design your home office with things that inspire you. What keeps you going? Is it your kids, your favorite quote, or the drive toward your goal? Represent that motivation visually in the space

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