Make Your Employees Thrive With Collaborative Workspace..

Collaboration is a key factor in building a business because it really works. People thrive in environments which free them to communicate and work together. When the company environment is focused on collaboration, team members naturally feel a part of something bigger than themselves

Everyone is talking about collaboration in the workplace. Here are some simply ways to create collaborative workspace :

• Open, Cheerful, Well-Lit, and Comfortable

• Writing / Brainstorming Space

• Mini-kitchens stashed with healthy snacks and beverages are everywhere

• The more natural the light, the better

• Color schemes are predominantly cheerful and energizing

• Comfortable furniture and conducive to the type of collaboration expected

• And many more

We all know, every company’s needs are different. Every company’s culture, its workforce, and every work processes need to support a collaborative workspace if you are to reap the greatest benefits possible. And as technologies continue to evolve, as human needs’ change, our workspaces will evolve as well

why VINCH?

One of the great advantages of VINCH carpet tiles is that they allow you to mix and match products, colors and structures to suit any style of interior design. It really is hip to be square!

Next to their ability to transform commercial spaces, our carpet tiles work towards the unique individual requirements of each project. From acoustic performance or light reflection, to better walking comfort or a high practicality for DIY fittings with tricky shaped floor spaces.

Our carpet tiles offer nothing but advantages.

• better acoustics, air quality and walking comfort

• easy to install, maintain and replace

• excellent safety, creativity and sustainability Our carpet tiles not only guarantee a long performance life, but also ensure easy installation, replacement and maintenance.

Installing carpet tiles means saving in costs thanks to the smaller cutting loss compared with fitted carpets or other floor covering. There is no need for permanent gluing and a phased installation is possible. Their strong character and optimal color retention and appearance makes cleaning swift and easy, which results in lower maintenance costs.

Workplace Startegies & Wellness Seminar

As a leading furniture manufacture, Indovickers together with Wilkhahn and Teknion as our principals partner keeps a close eye on trends, developing spaces based on them in which people can be efficient and focused, and enjoy working. In modern companies, the most exciting innovations take shape in where employees have the freedom to think in a playful way and to let their ideas develop.

On October 12, 2017, housed in a lounge in downtown Jakarta, Cloud Dinning Resto, Indovickers hosted a seminar with both speakers, Saiful Anuar from Teknion Malaysia and Dr Gary Tho from Wilkhahn Asia Pacific. With more than 100 participants from business experts, business owners design, architecture and contractor sectors we explored “Workplace Startegies & Wellness”.

“Why do you should allow PEOPLE to influence your DESIGN?”, It is solved by Saiful Anuar, as a Section of Marketing and Customer Solutions for Teknion Asia Pacific, that Human centred design put people in the center of design of design proccess, and it can develop worker engagement because worker should be happy and full heart of their spirit. There are three important parts for workspace strategies. Those are Strategy on stages, Object in the office (such as carpets, light, chair, computer, table), and the last is Technology.

While Gary Tho with his medical background said that, “Creating success through health and make people happy with no pain and no lost productivity, is about how to get high performances.” Gary is developing the answers to in three point of views: A-B-C, A for Attitudes, B for Behavior, and C for Convenience.
We, Indovickers, Wilkhahn and Teknion were very pleased with this successful seminar event “Workplace Startegies & Wellness”. We would like to thank all participants for taking your time to come our seminar event. We enjoyed meeting you, hope to see you at the next event!

You’ve completed your need perfect furniture, but unfortunately accidents happen…

We,  at Indovickers, believe in furniture that endures, furniture that grows with you and adapts to your various needs. With every year that passes you find new and creative ways to use your furniture. It’s only natural that we stand behind the furniture we make, to give you the memories that will last you forever…

Sit back and relax. Whenever you buy a piece of furniture from us you don’t have to worry because Indovickers has its own factory to assure that we will be there backing you for 5 years. Our 5 years warranty is one of a kind wherein we offer you warranty that the furniture we make is sturdy and timeless. It’s built to last. This offers our clients peace of mind and clarity while shopping for their furniture and enables them to make choices without hesitation.

Every day you put furniture through a rigorous routine, Indovickers provides you with comprehensive coverage for defects in the construction of your furniture resulting from normal, daily use.. With this plan, your furniture is protected and we will repair your furniture whenever you require service.

If you believe there is a defect in your furniture, do not hesitate to contact us and describe your problem to our representative. Our team will schedule an inspection. If a defect is confirmed, we will require proof of purchase and a reasonable amount of time to remedy the problem.

Indovickers has made requesting service as easy as possible..

Indovickers participated at Indo Build Tech 2017, Indonesia’s Largest Exhibition of Building and Finishing Materials

As one of the largest furniture manufacturer company in Indonesia, Indovickers, participated at the Indo Build Tech 2017, Indonesia’s Largest Exhibition of Building and Finishing Materials, located at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) Jakarta, Indonesia, from 17 -21 May 2017.

With 28 years of experience in the furniture industry, Indovickers has established a tradition of excellence in providing quality furniture for offices, hotels, institutions, and public area.

With two factories located in Jakarta area, we have been working for many projects as an innovative solution for our clients in four different areas: office, hospitality, public area, and also educational institutions. Due to our proper manufacturing facility, our long experience in furniture industry, and our latest marketing technology, Indovickers and its principal companies are truly at the leading edge of office furniture design.

At this exhibition, Indovickers also display our principals : from Teknion, Wilkhahn, Optima and Vinch.

We would like to thank all visitors for taking your time to visit our stand at Indo Build Tech Expo 2017 in International Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD Jakarta – Indonesia on 17 – 21 May 2017. We enjoyed meeting you and were glad that you had the chance to see our products during the exhibition as well as to discuss your requirements. We’ll keep improving to fully accommodate all your furniture needs. Hope to see you at the next event!