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Panel System

  • WorkX3

    WorkX-3 offers flexibility and versatility to fit any space layouts or room configurations. From straight rows cubicles to free-style angled workstations, highly adaptable to various types of jobs in any kind of offices. A workstation is all about balance. Balance between privacy and collaboration, form and function. Between rigidity and flexibility, quality and affordability. WorkX-3 is designed with all of the above considerations in mind. Our hybrid workstation concept enhanced collaboration space and room for privacy, allowing user to focus on his/her own task within, while still easily keep in touch with surroundings. [sdm_download id="2614" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • WorkX2

    The simplycity functionality and clean understated aesthetic design of WorkX2 allow it to integrate naturally with any office environment [sdm_download id="1647" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="2535" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • WorkX

    Workx creates an attractive environment that encourages both individual productivity and team work. Workx design is for private office & open plan arrangements it will foster good communication, conference and information exchange without sacrificing individual privacy. [sdm_download id="2566" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

Desking System

  • Nexus

    Nexus means connection; a way to link, tie, or bring a group together. Our Nexus team at Indovickers came together to create a new desking system with clean modern lines that offers maximum flexibility. It's an aesthetic design for open work space configurations that will support all collaborative layouts. [sdm_download id="2550" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Marfis

    Marfis system proposes a functional solution to the requirement for high density desking layouts, integrating the services in the supporting structure. [sdm_download id="2552" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Oblique

    Oblique is a system of work tables that accomodate various configurations and types of work. Offering an open workspace concept with minimalist visual appearance. [sdm_download id="1649" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"]

Executive Series

  • Minima

    Minimaseries definitely will enhance the elegant and classy look of the executive work environment, layered by top quality of veneer presents a natural sense for the users. [sdm_download id="2578" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Marfis

    Marfis system proposes a functional solution to the requirement for high density desking layouts, integrating the services in the supporting structure. [sdm_download id="2552" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Lattice

    Lattice accommodates executive requirements with lasting aesthetics thecnical functionality and sustainable quality [sdm_download id="2548" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]


  • Dcs type B

      [sdm_download id="2593" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Summit

      [sdm_download id="2575" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Minima

    Minima executive meeting table available in white ash or walnut veneer. Combined with aluminium clear anodized leg or powder coated. Leg which equipped with cable riser ducting available in rectangular, round or barrel shape. [sdm_download id="2578" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]


  • Sofa 840

    A seating arrangement creating the feeling of ”a room within a room”, using, for example,  90° linking tables.This could be nicely complemented by single tables in two sizes.They are of laminated wood to match the side panels of the armrests of the armchairs and settees, lacquered according to The Indovickers standard color guide [sdm_download id="2560" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Gru

      [sdm_download id="2596" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Renaissance

    Renaissance is great for informal places where individuals and groups can escape and connect over a coffee or bite to eat. Renasisance gives you the flexibility to make the most of in-between spaces. Create an informal teaming area close to workstations to give your people an inspiring place to talk things over. It also makes it easy to hold informal and spontaneous meetings. Just about anything else you can imagine. [sdm_download id="2545" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="2545" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]  


  • Stelo

    Meet Stelo the high performance ergonomic seating at optimal value. Stelo provide a sophiscated look and maximize comfort. It was designed and engineered for every body type. Its elegance bring a touch of class to anyspace, anytime and anywhere. Stelo available in soft mesh back & injection polyurethane foam to guarantee supreme comfort and durability. Stelo cmes in three different types. The Midback is commonly used by staff because of its exibility and mobility. The Highback with headrest is more specific for manager seat. And the cantilever is designed for visitor chair or meeting chair [sdm_download id="2600" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Breeza

    Breeza is a line of office chair designed with full ergonomic features, offering an organic mesh backrest which conforms the unique curvature of your back. Its synchronized mechanism provides superior comfort and ergonomic function. The innovative new chair range that suits anywhere. [sdm_download id="1579" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="2537" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]  

  • Nixie

    An ergonomic Office chair with simplistic lines, Nixie wil suit all modern environments at an affordable price. Made using exclusively designed components to guarantee quality and function. The arms are adjustable in height and positions to fit every size of user. Injected foam is used to ensure supreme comfort and correct ergonomics [sdm_download id="2586" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

Public Area

  • Jubilee

      [sdm_download id="2557" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Magnus

    Magnus Magnus catches the eye, sturdy and yet easy to clean. The design is restrained and features clear lines. This is the ideal choice to high use location where both visual and functional standards are high. Magnus chair has a very tough structure build in a rigid tubular steel. Seat and table frames created by laser cut technology and all of the structure rest on die cast aluminium leg with adjustable injection plastic glides. seating elements and top tables can be simply assembled on this stable beam. Designers will have a various color option for upholstery in a high quality of fabric and vinyl materials. Magnus available in Two seater,Three seater and Four seater. [sdm_download id="2608" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]   [sdm_download id="2605" fancy="0" button_text="Project Reference"]

  • Votum

    Votum 651V104 Halfmoon Full Armrest W - 645  D - 683  H - 918 [sdm_download id="2572" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"] [sdm_download id="2603" fancy="0" button_text="Project Reference"]


  • Rhino

    A lesson in strength and reliability. Timeless design. Unbeatable durability. All chairs come in two fixed heights for the primary school chair and table and also secondary chair and table.

  • Durastack

    From pre-school to grad school the DuraStack chair has a size that fits just right. Five sizes for a better, more comfortable fit for anybody. More sizes than other chairs on the market, including a unique extra large chair. Exceptional comfort. Economical price. Sit up and take notice of the superior comfort and value of the KI DuraStack chair. One-piece molded construction. Smooth waterfall front edge. Radiused edges. Metal back plate for added seating support. [sdm_download id="1934" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • David Rowland

    David Rowland Tablet Arm [sdm_download id="2588" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

Storage & Filling

  • Orgafile

    The Orgafile Philosohy is to bring an efficient and a systematic approach towards work. [sdm_download id="2570" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]


  • Folding Table

    Indovickers tables are remarkably easy to use. Specially designed folding system helps you fold and unfold our FBT-series quickly and smoothly. Set up and tear down are greatly simplified. Special storage equipment is not required. All of these  mobile table features a 3/4" thick top with high pressure laminate finish. [sdm_download id="1721" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="1719" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]


  • Vinch Carpet

    Styles in carpet tiles by Vinch Vinch designs and produces modular carpet tiles for the international contract market and is geared towards architects and designers seeking a high-quality and trend defining floor spaces. The ingenious production process enables Vinch to deliver products that stand out from the crowd. Vinch carpet tiles are available in a huge array of colours, structures and patterns. With endless creative possibilities, carpet tiles from Vinch are sure fire way to bring your floor a stylish and exclusive look.

  • Gru Charging Pod

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