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  • Gru

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  • Renaissance

    Renaissance is great for informal places where individuals and groups can escape and connect over a coffee or bite to eat. Renasisance gives you the flexibility to make the most of in-between spaces. Create an informal teaming area close to workstations to give your people an inspiring place to talk things over. It also makes it easy to hold informal and spontaneous meetings. Just about anything else you can imagine. [sdm_download id="2545" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="2545" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]  

  • Sofa 840

    A seating arrangement creating the feeling of ”a room within a room”, using, for example,  90° linking tables.This could be nicely complemented by single tables in two sizes.They are of laminated wood to match the side panels of the armrests of the armchairs and settees, lacquered according to The Indovickers standard color guide [sdm_download id="2560" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

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