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  • Confair

    Types of conferences. From classic/prestigious, to variable, to dynamic.

  • Contas

    Design: wiege, Fritz Frenkler, Anette Ponholzer Flexible, lightweight table range for multifunctional conference, training and seminar environments. The understated, classically elegant form reveals an ingeniously intelligent, modular system.

  • DinA

    Designers Udo Schill and Timo Küchler drew the ingenious basic idea for the DinA Office range from Greek hilosopher Plato: some 2,400 years ago, he had discovered extremely calm and harmonious proportions in the form of an area ratio of 1:√2 which played a key role in the architecture of ancient civilizations up to the Renaissance. Later on, the paper industry made use of the advantage of this principle: if the surface is halved, proportions remain constant. It was thus possible to produce paper sizes with the same proportions without any waste. The principle of the DIN A format was born …

  • Logon

    Design: Andreas Störiko As all other Wilkhahn ranges Logon has been developed according to the principles of industrial design: complex requirements have been incorporated in a simple constructional idea, with optimum use of high-quality materials in terms of function and form. That means longevity, versatility and ecological compatibility.

  • Minima

    Minima executive meeting table available in white ash or walnut veneer. Combined with aluminium clear anodized leg or powder coated. Leg which equipped with cable riser ducting available in rectangular, round or barrel shape.

  • Palette

    Design: Karl Heinz Rubner The Palette concept combines the characteristics of prestigious, elegant table configurations with the advantages of a versatile table system with easy handling.

  • Thema

    Design:Weige Let us take Thema -  aversite conference table range allowing various shapes and sizes to be added to different table formations. Thema combines versatility with economy of space. With an edge lenght per person of either 75 cm or 90 cm, table configurations of almost any shape and size are possible.

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