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    Executive Desk

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Executive Desk An elegant quality executive furniture range, yet affordable. Eclipse’s designed for the individual in mind. As such, Eclipse provides the choices needed for the way you work. Side desks and returns are available to hedge against the future in event of plan changes. There is a series of high and low case goods to compliment and supplement the looks and functions of all individuals. Meeting tables are suitable to foster the much needed daily informal interaction with co-workers. [sdm_download id="1624" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Lattice

    Lattice accommodates executive requirements with lasting aesthetics thecnical functionality and sustainable quality [sdm_download id="2548" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Marfis

    Marfis system proposes a functional solution to the requirement for high density desking layouts, integrating the services in the supporting structure. [sdm_download id="2552" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Minima

    Minimaseries definitely will enhance the elegant and classy look of the executive work environment, layered by top quality of veneer presents a natural sense for the users. [sdm_download id="2578" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

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