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  • Cubic

    Cubic Sofa Table W - 900  D - 600  H - 400 [sdm_download id="1809" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="1806" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Dance Floor

    Set up the dance floor anywhere. It's easy and convenient. Each dance floor panel has a special solid teak parquet finish in polyurethane paint  with the core structural and aluminium framing ensure the durability and sturdiness of the dance floor panel. Aluminium trim are finish in gold anodize making them fit for any occasion you have. [sdm_download id="1715" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Facelia

    H - 37"  W - 17 1/8"  D - 23 1/5" [sdm_download id="1686" fancy="0" button_type="Download Reference"]

  • FC

    Classic and simple design but never out-dated, contract quality  very suitable for restaurant, cafe or semi permanent set up. The sturdy metal legs comes with leveling adjuster so it may be placed on the uneven floors. FCF series comes with 28 mm table tops. [sdm_download id="1743" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="1741" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • FGS

    Indovickers gives a comprehensive range of tables alternatives. [sdm_download id="1726" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="1724" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Floor Material

    This multifunction, ergonomic, anti-fatigue and safety floor mat is suitable for wet, dry and greasy areas. Made from natural rubber, it features the simplest interlocking system available and is exceptionally comfortable. Versatile 36" x 36" single workstation units intelock securelly to fit any size area. Simple interlock system horizontal and vertical interlocking capability. [sdm_download id="1717" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Folding Table

    Indovickers tables are remarkably easy to use. Specially designed folding system helps you fold and unfold our FBT-series quickly and smoothly. Set up and tear down are greatly simplified. Special storage equipment is not required. All of these  mobile table features a 3/4" thick top with high pressure laminate finish. [sdm_download id="1721" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="1719" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Food Warmer

    654TGT601 W - 28"  L - 40"  H - 69" [sdm_download id="1762" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="1760" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • FRL

    Designed for meeting  a variety of needs. FRL series tables can transform any open space into a productive meeting and work area. With solid metal legs and chassey. These tables are as durable as they are functional. The system comes with 18 mm table tops. [sdm_download id="1731" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="1729" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • FSL

    Simple and light folding system. Very suitable for a simple configuration of function or seminar or any other purposes. The table come with 3/4" HPL top table T-mould edging and accesories therefor its readily use with no preparation. [sdm_download id="1736" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="1734" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

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