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  • Sola

    A distinctive frame. A chair that rocks. And that’s perfectly crafted.   Conference chair Sola echoes the Wilkhahn tradition of combining innovative comfort with a crisp design and high-quality appeal. The chair’s aesthetic is defined by the linear shape of the seat shell and the distinctivelines of the aluminium frame. The frame branches out from the centre column into a V-shaped support that culminates in the armrests. The seat shell is cleverly swivel-mounted at the front and connected with the V- shaped support at the back by two pressure springs. The result is superb sprung comfort and rocking motion that’s adjustable [sdm_download id="1618" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Solis

    Sitting in "pure simplicity" thus became the basic idea behind the development of the Sollis office chair range. To design a chair that fulfils a diverse and complex demands made on a office chair in the simplest way possible. A chair that convinces designers and archietects to the same extent as it does human resources managers, company doctores, health and safety offices, facility managers or users. [sdm_download id="1610" fancy="0" button_text="Download Reference"] [sdm_download id="1608" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Solis F

    The Solis F model group is marked by uncompromisingly purist form and an amazingly high degree for applications that require a clear commitment to transparency, progress and the future. F stands for frame and refers to the distinctive structures of the seat and backrest, which compromise two frames covered with stretch material. With Solis, "sitting in pure simplicity" becomes an impressive experience, involving all the senses. [sdm_download id="1613" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Stand Up

    Stand-up –a stylish, fun and new mover … Placed in relaxed groups, nobody can resist lingering on these colourful, cheerful and eye-catching objects. They’re ideal for spontaneous meet-ups and come with health-boosting benefits too. Perched on diagonally, these one-legged sitting-standing hybrids turn into dynamic three-legged ones that allow hips to move and thoughts to take flight. Joints are put to work and muscles strengthened. They also invite interaction. Even from an up to 50° angle, after a gentle push they swing back and right themselves again. In other words, this hip companion is a fun approach to the serious side of (working) life. [sdm_download id="1620" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

  • Stitz

    Stitz The "standing aid" Stitz open a new dimension of mobility. The height is adjustable, using one hand, by pressing the lever under the seat, to which there is all round access. A gas lift allows infinitely variable adjuctment from 65 to 90 cm. The one -  legged  creation stands on a sand - filled rubber pouch: it goes along with every movement, but stauchly stands its ground when not in use and is kind to the floor surface. [sdm_download id="1789" fancy="0" button_text="Download Brochure"]

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