Indovickers is a licensed manufacturer for many of the worlds leading furniture brands. We maintain a total control of production, constantly monitoring againts stringent standards, ensuring that our products will exceed customers quality expectations.

Indovickers has 10,000 square meters of dedicated factory space in Cipinang, Jakarta (assembling) and another 30,000 square metres in Cileungsi Headquarters (wood and metal fabrication). With this expansion, we have more than 40.000m2 total manufacturing land. We also have a number of affiliated and associated companies and factories in Indonesia, Australia, Canada and Europe. We are commited to manufacturing furniture which meets with the highest international standards. Indovickers is commited in bringing the best designed and highest quality furniture to Indonesia.

We are commited to manufacturing furniture which meets with the highest international standards.

Factory I (assembling) in Jakarta

Factory II (wood and metal working) in Cileungsi, Bogor – West Java

How to become a vendor

It is the policy of Indovickers to strive for and maintain the highest possible standards of warehouse distribution and customer service, with the aim of achieving complete customer satisfaction for our end users, and ensuring their needs and expectations are fulfilled in accordance with all the current industry norms and legislation.

In order to meet this policy objective, the company has established an effective integrated management system which is structured to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. Quantitative targets and objectives for quality issues and environmental performance are set and reviewed annually. Sound management principles and practices are applied throughout the organization to meet commitments to health and safety, quality, the environment and a continual improvement culture.

Vendor wishing to supply Indovickers should in the first instance contact the Purchasing Department via email providing the following information : Company name, Company address, Contact telephone / fax numbers, Contact names, email addresses, Whether a manufacturer or distributor, Products manufactured or product distributed, Web site if available, Other companies you currently supply, and Where you heard about Indovickers.

On receipt of your inquiry you will be contacted by our staff from Purchasing Department and you will be requested to fill-in a Vendor Profile form and a Vendor Selection procedure will be held on new vendor.


To ensure a common understanding of our requirements we have drafted a vendor manual to communicate those requirements and provide guidelines and assistance in achieving them. Goods supplied or quotations made will have to comply with the detailed requirements under the relevant sections. Vendor manual will be given to the selected vendor after vendor selection process.


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