How to Design your Office for Maximum Productivity
26 March, 2019

The space where you work has such a huge impact on your overall productivity that it makes sense that you get it right. This means considering all the small details carefully and ensuring that they are all helping you to focus and achieve your goals. To help you get the most from your environment, here are our 4 tips to improve productivity in the workplace.


Improve the lighting

If you can’t see, you can’t work. Poor lighting causes eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and stress.  If possible, provide access to natural light — it’s bright, it makes people happy and healhty too and the happier people are, generally the better they work. If your office is a dull environment with little-to-no natural light, your workers might be feeling the impact of this and performances will be affected.  

Add colour and personality

A boring office is an unproductive office. Placing artwork on walls and decorating your working environment can have a really positive impact on the way people work. Working in a space with artwork can inspire creativity, which in turns gives a boost to productivity. An attractive workplace also makes people proud of their office, making workers happier. If you are meeting clients, having an inviting space also makes them feel more welcome and confident.


Invest in the right tools 

Chair and Table When choosing your desk and office chairs, it is worth taking the time to get these right as you will be using them on such a regular basis.For most tasks employees will be seated, so providing a comfortable and adjustable chair is important, and will help maximise productivity. Bad backs are the number one cause of sick days, so providing furniture to promote good posture will keep your workforce healthy and happy.


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