Meet Vinch!
27 March, 2020

Meet Vinch!

We make high-quality carpet tiles, set trends and always aim to inspire!

Love to transform your space?

Discover Vinch Carpet Tiles

*available in stock over 5000 SQM*

For more info download Brochure Vinch

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Wilkhahn IN : Activating. Concentrating. Relaxing.

14 April, 2020

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Study from Home, Stay Connected and Have Fun with Inknoe OnePanel

26 March, 2020

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Work from home, Stay Connected and Productive with Inknoe OnePanel

24 March, 2020

“Now we are facing irregular situation that has led many companies or schools recommend their members to work or study from home. It might be a new reality for many. However, whether it’s done by choice or by necessity, doing activities from home has its benefits, like avoiding daily commute and time efficient.”

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