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David Rowland

Internationally recognized designer and creator of the 40/4 chair. A man dedicated to purposeful design. Much of this dedication has been
directed toward studying the complex problems of mass seating. The results of Mr. Rowland’s studies are undeniably expressed in the 40/4 chair. 


40/4’s are so named because 40 chairs stack 4 feet high. A smooth tilting action 
allows the chairs to be stacked and unstacked quickly and easily. ihe 40/4 Dolly 
allows them to be moved easily by one person and stored compactly.


Tablet Arm
With standard fl ip-up tablet arm to add versatility and fl exibility to 
any learning environment


An attachable bookrack designed to give you more fl exibility and 
space effi ciency


A trolley specially designed for 40 unsurpassed stackable chairs 
with a total height of 4 feet, as well as a space saving advantages 
for fl exible interiors.


An armrest is designed to give the natural body movement to 
provide the ultimate experience in seating comfort.


Seat and back are made from moulded plywood veneer 9 mm. Supported by a 
strong steel frame, from assenthal steel, with a 10 mm and 11mm diameter

For more info Brochure David Rowland


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