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The importance of acoustics in modern offices


Sound is part of the everyday working environment, but noise is a significant concern that is well documented to affect productivity and wellbeing. In short, it makes offices less profitable. Everything from footsteps, computers and photocopiers to mobile phones, meetings and conference calls cause sound, but it is when that sound turns 
into disturbing background noise that the acoustics of the working environment become important.


At Vinch®, we believe that you shouldn’t have to suffer excessive noise 
in the work place. Not only is it distracting, at times it can be down right 
irritating and so anything we can do to soothe irritation we will.


The challenges of modern offices


With wide-open spaces to provide a feeling of space and to encourage communication, the modern office is devoid of natural sound absorbers such as ceilings, partitions and separate offices and so noise is everpresent. With the current popularity of cool, cold and acous-tically reflective architectural surfaces such as glass and concrete, this problem is highlighted even further. Modern office environments simply aren’t equipped to deal well with noise.



We’ve looked at how we can make carpet better at dealing with noise and developed a solution that will go a long way in making it quieter… dBack.


The principle of dback
With dBack we’ve looked towards how we can improve the impact noise and sound absorption qualities of our carpet tiles and we’ve developed a new backing that is even better at soaking up sound than our traditional back2back bitumen backing. Using a careful combination of textile materials, we’ve make sure that dBack is not only better at taking on 
noise, but also kinder on the environment too.


Dback versus back2back
Compared with our 100% bitumen back2back, dBack provides a minimum improvement of 50% in sound absorption. We’ve been able to achieve such a dramatic improvement by replacing a cover fleece of 85 g, with a far-denser 800 g recycled polyester felt. 
superior stability dBack has been developed using a special process that gives it a superior dimensional stability. This has been tested according to the EN 1307 standard


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