Asienta Bench


  • Wilkhahn

Welcome.First impressions are the key to conveying a professional image to visitors. In this case, the award-winning upholstered furniture range Asienta (design: jehs + laub) stands apart for its distinctive re- interpretation of traditional forms. Precision combined with a sense of visual softness, straight lines and organic curves, prestigious-looking quality and contemporary shapes immediately convey an especially exclusive appeal.


The superbly stylish, subtly organically shaped structure creates elegant contours that appear to be encased in the upholstery. The sofas and chairs resemble lightweight cubes and their plump cushioning suggests excellent comfort in different sitting positions. The form fulfils its promises – sitting on the chair is a very comfortable experience. Which comes as no surprise. The covered and specially upholstered insides of the armrests and backrests and the tightly upholstered seat itself are examples of upholstery at its best. It’s firm where it’s required to be and elastic where it’s welcome. Support is provided and ensures permanent seated comfort. First-class materials and perfect craftsmanship can be enjoyed everyday and guarantee the product will last a long time. And not just in reception areas. Matching covers, surfaces and low tables allow Asienta to suggest a feeling of relaxation and calm in diverse room and design concepts. These include executive offices, lobbies, exclusive clubs or homes.