Cafetaria Chair

As vital campus areas, cafés and cafeterias must meet a wide range of functions. Wherever food is served or available, you need
to focus on ambiance and efficiency. From casual to upscale, from high-capacity food service to more intimate settings, even for
serve-yourself venues, the atmosphere created is essential to success. Create the desired dining experience by harmonizing the
menu, furnishings, food quality and level of service. In addition to being places to dine and socialize, cafes and cafeterias make
highly visible contributions to an institution’s public image. They are also an important campus revenue source. Indovickers has
set the standard for tables and chairs for cafe and cafeteria use. Some factors to consider during planning are: available square
footage, capacity, ambiance and theme, customer turnover rate. Contact your Indovickers rep for dining solutions that are effi cient,
durable and beautiful.


  • Zenith Chair
  • Marine Dining Chair
  • Net Chair
  • Myo Chair
  • Baby Chair