FS Line Task Chair


  • Wilkhahn

The FS-Line task chair is a classic in the world of office chairs. The epitome of dynamic seating for over 30 years, its ease of use is its key to success. Over two million chairs sold worldwide are testimony to the ingenuity and modern appeal of the FS concept. Three swivel axes are designed to allow the seat, backrest and armrests to follow any move ment and change in posture. The combination of flexible swing plates and extremely elastic shell provides support and options for adjustment in any posture. The mechanism is infinitely adjustable, fully  automatic and includes sideways torsion  elasticity in the backrest.

The FS-Line is designed as a broad product family for equipping all areas in a company. As a result, furnishings are coherent and  enhance corporate identity. The modular structure of the shell and frame makes repair and maintenance simple. Each chair can be upgraded with little effort. The FS-Line is the perfect example for a benchmark in sustainable product design. The durability of the high  quality materials, the innovative seating concept and the classical, understated design guarantee the chair will last decades.