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Psychologists, physical therapists, and orthopedists all agree that physical activity is vital if we want to stay fit and healthy. But the whole body is important – not just our backs and joints. Getting enough exercise helps us cope with stress, feel happy, and be more  productive. And productivity is a top priority for corporate healthcare programs. Wilkhahn has devoted decades to making people less desk-bound. It all started with a pioneering study called “From Posture-based to Motion-based Seating,” which spawned products that are still considered the world’s best and most attractive office chairs. Current research results that highlight minimum physical activity requirements encourage us to continue down this route. And advancements in material and process technology have opened up opportunities to tap into completely new dimensions of dynamic sitting with Trimension®, our patented 3D kinematics. Our engineers and designers have created IN, making this ground-breaking technology possible for back offices, too. Perfectly synchronized 3D dynamics combine with exceptional comfort to stimulate our bodies, boost our powers of concentration, and make work a relaxing experience.


IN. With Trimension®.
Tracks your body’s
center of gravity.
No matter how you sit.

By nature, our bodies are designed primarily for walking. To keep us fit, our joints, muscles, and metabolism need our hips to move frequently and employ as varied a range of motion as possible. Which is why we decided to teach seating to walk. We used
kinematics to stimulate natural, three-dimensional movement and ensure our bodies maintain their center of gravity – no matter how we sit. Leading international experts consider Trimension® (applied for the first time in the ON® office chair) to be the world’s
best movement concept at present. Two scientific studies verified that the concept adapts superbly to bodies, fosters well-being, and improves health and productivity. And 250,000 people’s experience with Trimension® was incorporated into IN’s  development. The result is an incomparably natural and dynamic sitting experience. Whether you lean forwards, backwards, or sideways or rotate your hips, IN’s Trimension® reacts to the slightest of shifts in weight. Your body and the chair constantly interact with one another. The highly flexible seat and back envelop your body like a second skin to add extra support. You literally feel like you’re sitting ‘in’ the chair – whatever posture you adopt or movement you choose