ON High Back


  • Wilkhahn

The Wilkhahn ON®chair is the achievement of decades of research and development. Aesthetically stunning this product of German design also delivers a dynamic seating experience that boosts the overall health and concentration of the user. Form and function are essential in design, range of movement and comfort are essential for well-being in seating. The ON chair’s three dimensional movement offers the synergy between these two key principles.

Combining innovative technologyand high-quality design, the ON chair  continues to impress people of all shapes and sizes. The chair has enough space for different postures and the overall impression is one of harmony. The distinctive die-cast aluminium swing plates define the unmistakable multi-award-winning chair. From Sydney to Tokyo, Frankfurt, Hanover, Berlin and London to Chicago – leading experts consider ON the world’s best office chair.

In today’s busy office environment we all spend long periods of time in hunched positions at our desks. Bizarrely, despite being bad for our bodies we choose to adopt a lazy posture. What the human body actually requires is frequent and a varied range of movements. Wilkhahn understands this key principal of ergonomics which is why we have developed Trimension®for the ON chair. This unique tested feature is a patented technology for three dimensional, synchro-adjusted dynamic seating.

Trimension® doesn’t just encourage forwards, backwards and sideways movements, but the pelvis to rotate too – which is so important for the spine’s stability. Two separately moveable swing plates, just like two thighs, lie at the core of the technology.
Minimal shifts in weight are already translated into movement. The position of the pivotal points and the way they work are exactly like knee and hip joints. As a result, the body’s equilibrium remains in perfect balance – no matter what posture it adopts or
the way it moves. This new dimension in seating quickly becomes something that’s taken for granted. Backache is effectively prevented and the metabolism, muscles and joints are stimulated. Scores of letters from customers and comparative scientific studies have  proved that ON’s varied range of motion significantly enhances the feeling of well-being and powers of concentration in office environments