Summit Meeting Table Rectangular

Summit meetings have been taking place for many hundreds of years by many head of states governments, usually under thight security and normally with a pre-arranged agenda. With such importance today and emphasis on the modern day business meeting, the indovickers Summit meeting series was designed.

Single Pole

  • 1500(W) x 0800(D) x 730(H)
  • 1800(W) x 0800(D) x 730(H)
  • 2100(W) x 0800(D) x 730(H)

Double Poles leg

  • 1800(W) x 1000(D) x 730(H)
  • 2100(W) x 1000(D) x 730(H)
  • 2400(W) x 1000(D) x 730(H)
  • 1800(W) x 1200(D) x 730(H)
  • 2100(W) x 1200(D) x 730(H)
  • 2400(W) x 1200(D) x 730(H)