A panel system with a wide range of height options, WorkX-3 can be installed to accommodate preferred level of interaction and privacy. It can be set up in various configurations as well, readily adaptable for a multitude jobs and tasks. WorkX-3 offers infinite options of stack-ability and tiles, with five surface options ranging from fabrics, metal embossed, polycarbonate, clear glass, and laminates. Dedicated horizontal and vertical raceways are built-in for organized and hassle-free cable management. By keeping the structure simple, light, portable, and avoiding usage of unnecessary materials, overall cost is reduced. It is a truly harmonious approach towards engineering and construction.


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Optional for Metal Embossed Pads

Mobile Pedestal

Slider that connects the tile to the pole

Paper Tray

Pencil Tray

Hanging Mirror

Honeycomb Based Lightweight Board for Tiles

Horizontal Raceway

The horizontal raceway can be put any height of the panel. Giving flexibility in cable management.

Wire Access from Floor

Vertical raceway access offers two options, either to pull out the wire(s) directly on table or through the horizontal raceway.

Power and Data Outlets

Every workstations can be fitted with two or three outlets, which can be used for power, data, or telephone.

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