• Wilkhahn Tables

Dynamic. Space-saving.

Superbly designed.

Thanks to Confair folding tables, versatile usage of well-designed conference and meeting areas is child’s play. Only one single person is required to set up and rearrange the moveable folding tables – without any tools, releasing or unlocking procedures or special
skills involved. Snap connectors allow the tables to be linked in any direction. If partitions are used to divide up rooms, conference or
project work tables can be transformed into a large conference layout in no time. It is a welcoming thought that investing in Confair
folding tables pays for itself so quickly.

The sophisticated folding technique and the large lockable wheels, as well as the elegant design and high-quality materials, are equally responsible for the table’s success. The table’s structure makes it simple to use and transport. The look of the table reflects communication at a high level: from the conference and project-work room, to executive offices. As options, cable channels, power supply connections and innovative techni-modules ensure inter active access to state-of-the-art multi-media equipment is so easy it has to be believed. The table is the perfect mix of well-used space, aesthetic appeal and advanced technical functions