• Wilkhahn Tables

Logon range
The engineering principle, inspired by aircraft construction, allows maximum stability with minimum structure. The elegant table
appears to have floating surfaces. The example shows a linked 90° solution finished with oak veneer stained dark, clear anodized uprights and polished foot sections.

Versatile table culture.
A table is perhaps the most important element of furniture for influencing togetherness within a company. In a meeting at the workplace, in a conference or in an executive’s office – this is where people meet to assure themselves of their common
identity and to develop new ideas. For companies that assign as much value to openness, lightness and dynamics as to high-level quality and enduring elegance, the Logon range offers table culture of the highest degree of excellence and design quality. The rounded laminated wood lipping with integral, impact-resilient profile, the slender uprights and the elegantly modelled foot sections in die-cast aluminium provide an abundance of options for individual tables and table configurations with an appearance of transparent, optical lightness. An ingenious tensioning principle, drawn from aircraft construction, permits minimum material thicknesses.
Logon provides a perfect solution to virtually all requirements for tables – as a single table or a linked configuration, on adjustable glides for levelling out floor irregularities or on castors for mobile application. From reception areas and meeting rooms to large-scale conference layouts, from robustness for application in project offices to an executive boardroom. All in a distinctive and coherent design language that communicates future-oriented awareness.