Magnus Waiting Chair

Magnus seating system now comes with a new option of integral skin foam (ISF) for its seat and back. A robust, maintenance-free material with upholstered effect. The design and structure stays sleek and simple, with extra addition of twin USB power supplies
for powering up digital devices.

Material Option

  • Fabric
  • Polyurethane Seat and Back, Powder Coated


  • 2 Seaters (With or Without USB Supply)
    • 1190(W) x 0750(D) x 865(H) (Fabric)
    • 1190(W) x 0750(D) x 832(H) (Polyurethane)
  • 3 Seaters (With or Without 2 USB Supply)
    • 1830(W) x 0750(D) x 865(H) (Fabric)
    • 1830(W) x 0750(D) x 832(H) (Polyurethane)
  • 4 Seaters (With or Without 3 USB Supply)
    • 2470(W) x 0750(D) x 865(H) (Fabric)
    • 2470(W) x 0750(D) x 832(H) (Polyurethane)