• Wilkhahn Chairs

Following a maxim of simplicity, some 30 years ago designers Klaus Franck and Werner Sauer created the FS-Line which became a classic  example of dynamic seating. Modus was the two designers’ trans lation of the principle to the aesthetics of the 21st

•   The flexible, fork-shaped backrest made of unbreakable, highefficiency plastic is  covered with an exchangeable, breathable high-tech fabric. Without any upholstery, the backrest adapts to the shape, posture and movement of the person sitting on it.

•   With its soft and rounded front edge, the breathable, upholstered seat allows the body to relax and prevents the pelvis from tilting. Because they are easy to exchange, the covers and upholstery guarantee the chair’s useful life is virtually unlimited.

•   The particularly comfortable and extremely compact automatic synchro-adjustment with torsion springs ensures the seat and backrest are lowered in perfect sync with your body. The stylish swivel arms, made of high-quality die-cast aluminium, are functional and  design elements in equal measure. It is no surprise that Modus has become an  international benchmark for a new generation of office chairs. Much talked-about, but still one of a kind, it has remained in a class of its own till today: dynamic seating at its best