Votum auditorium chair is an ideal solution where row to row spacing is tight and efficient, and comfortable result is required.


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Elbow or Full Armrest

Votum corners with options of elbow or full armrest, both series as chair’s main structure. Elbow is preffered for tighter space and full armrest is intended for better comfort.

Foldable Tablet Arm

Extra tablet arm for writing, as well as working with digital devices. Tablet arm is engineered in mind, allowing it back into its earlier position during panics.

Wood or Integral Skin Armrest

Looks matters. Which is why we offer the armpad in two distinguished finishes. Wood for a more classical feel, and interal skin polyurethane for a more tactile texture.

Tip-Up Mechanism

Seat will tip itself when not seated. This allows extra space for people to pass by the chairs comfortably

Add-On Lettering

Ever need for a specific number for every seat ?, Votum has an integrated facility for you to add numbers. It automatically appears when the seat is tipped up

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